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Hi all mommies and daddies! Eye level Jurong West is having their Great Learning Carnival this weekend (20/21 Sept)! First 100 parents to RSVP online now at http://www.eyeleveljw.com will enjoy1 free Diagnostic test + 1 Trial Lesson worth S$68! In addition, all parents who enrol or register for a course at the carnival will receive a goodie bag valued at $48! Goodies include: a) EL's Backpackb) EL's starter kit (pencil case, stationery, key & note pad)c) EL's folderd) Thermal Flask There's also a lucky dip for registrants! Daily prizes include:a) 2x Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Kids (Value S$388.00)b) 3x Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 7.0 LITE (Value S$ 188.00)c) 6x Boogie Boards 8.5" LCD writing pads (Value S$ 79.90)d) Intellect Balle) Ice Prestige Watches First 100 parents to RSVP online now at http://www.eyeleveljw.com will enjoy1 free Diagnostic test + 1 Trial Lesson worth S$68! This is our inaugural carnival, so we really hope to see everyone there! :) Sign up now! Event Details: Date20th September, 2014, Saturday21th September, 2014, Sunday Time9am to 2pm WhereOpen space in front of Blk 960 Jurong West St 92 #01-182, S (640960) RSVP at http://www.eyeleveljw.com/

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I am looking for a support group for parents and children with dyslexia. Thank you.

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Hi, I want to take my kids to do something a little different - any idea? Something outdoors would be super!

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Ben here. Just wanted to ask if other parents here have the same problem. my boy is 15 this year and he's okay when it comes to homework and assignments. not like fantastic or anything but he gets his B3s and even A2s sometimes. just that when the exams come, everything seems to fly out the window and he always ends up with lower grades than he's capable of. does anyone have any tips to help him? is it specific to subjects too because this always happens for math and science subjects. his languages are so-so but my wife says he's always fantastic at home but seems to forget or mess up during the real thing. any help/tips are welcome. we are happy to try anything at this point thanks in advance.

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Do you have potential musicians, actors and dancers at home? FLY Academy is proud to present the KIDS GO MAD course this September Holiday! A 2-day course with training and activities by our very own FLY trainers! Limited slots only, so do book a slot by calling Katrina at 6224 3188 or email us at academy@fly.com.sg  For more details, do check out https://www.facebook.com/FlyAcademy

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Does anyone know what the cost is to take a child (under 8) to Universal Studios?

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My ex-wife and I both agree that it is best for my daughter to live with me because my ex-wife is starting a family and she doesn't want our daughter to be left out in the process. I am thinking of settling her in a local primary school instead of international schools because I want her to be grounded in the culture and language of Singapore. My question is what are the chances that she'll be able to get a slot? I do understand that foreigners are at the bottom of the list. Am I just wishful thinking that we would be able to get a spot? I hope you can share your experiences with me. Thank you.

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I am looking for a balloon supplier that designs party venues as well. My daughter is celebrating her 2nd birthday and I want the venue to be decorated with balloons.

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What kind of activities can you suggest that I do with my 9 month old baby? Thanks.

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I don't understand the main difference between these two types of schools other than the other one exists to earn profit and the other one is not. Please do enlighten me. Thanks.

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Can couseling really help couples patch the differences in marriage? My husband and I have been having problems because I am unable to conceive. where can we go for counseling? Thanks.

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Is it alright to bring a 3 year old kid to Legoland?

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Hi I will be visiting Singapore next month to check out schools, property etc as hope to be moving here later in the year. I have used Angloinfo in Barcelona all the time and it's really been helpful especially as my Spanish is not as it should be. My children have been at an international school here and obviously want ton find them a similar school in Singapore. I am looking at TANGLIN Trust School  and OFSS and Chatsworth. I would like to hear from any parents their opinions and perhaps any other schools to focus on.

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My son is interested to learn how to play classical guitar. Any ideas where I could bring him for lessons? Or if you know of any freelance teacher who can come to our house, that would also be great. Thanks.

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I am looking for an art teacher for my son. He seems to have a natural talent for painting. Can you please recommend someone who can also deal with an ADHD child? Thanks.

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We know that you work long hours everyday and are constantly under tremendous amount of stress to reach your personal goals in life.   In the midst of your busy lifestyle, make a conscious effort to open your hearts to see the details in life, appreciate and be grateful for every little simple things. Beauty is Simple.   Father’s Day is around the corner and your beloved Daddy is special to us! As a gesture of appreciation to all Daddies in Singapore, we are offering FREE Photo Prints (Instagram-sized) as an awesome personalized way to thank your Daddy on this special day! A Picture speaks a thousand words! And YES, it is 100% FREE! We just wish to use this opportunity to thank all Daddies and make them feel special and appreciated.   The infographic below will teach you how to get your FREE Photo Prints mailed to you in 5 easy steps. 100% Fuss-Free!   AQUA ARIA wishes you a very Fabulous Fathers' Day!  

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Finally an authentic child friendly hotel in Bali. We stayed in one of the family villas with a gorgeous view of the ocean and our very own jacuzzi. Butler service is perfect. My husband and I had a relaxing dinner for the two of us because they were able to keep our kids busy. Really happy with the resort.

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My 20-year-old student Daughter Florence will be with us in SG for 3 months over the summer most of which my wife & I will be at work. Any ideas on how she could meet up with similar aged/likeminded people please? We've only been here a few months so our social circle isn't that big. Thanks Paul

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Today is declared as Eat With Your Family Day.. The public can take pictures of the evening meal together with family members and post a 'family selfie' upload it to the Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF) Facebook page. Winners will be given $100 worth of dining vouchers.  http://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/eat-with-your-family/1126864.html

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Can anybody please help me where I could get a wooden doll house for my daughter? Thanks.

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