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Do you have any ideas on how I could learn to invest on this? Thanks.

started by: Ruth · last update: 1519963454 · posted: 1519703375

I would appreciate it very much if you can give me your personal recommendation. Thank you.

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Any ideas how much should we give for younger children? These are children of friends.

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Just curious, is there a way to defer or renounce a young boy's obligation to the National Service?

started by: Ruth · last update: 1515247507 · posted: 1515031750

I highly recommend Hayden Joseph, an expert in US and Singapore taxation. He can help you re-structure it accordingly. You may call him at 97201040.

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on 18 Dec 2017 I had a text message asking if I have just made a purchase on my OCBC business debit card  in America for $888 and that it looked suspicious - I called the ban and said no I had not.OCBC said they would cancel the card but to look out and check our bank account in case it went throughOn 21st Dec I saw a charge of over S$1200 to by bank account.I called OCBC immediately and reported this. I had to fill in a form and send it to them. I asked when I could expect my money back into the account. Well he said - it takes 2 to 3 months to investigate but usually you will get it back in about 6 weeks!!!!I could not understand how someone could purchase something with this card. It has only ever been used to top up my ERP card. If someone bought something on line didnt they need to get an OTP code that requires me to give a code that I recieve on my phone. Apparently not all merchants require this. So I said - well they would need an address wouldnt they or even the 3 letter code and expiry date - how do they have that. Has the bank allowed this information to be sold somehow?I am so angry that they will hold onto this money - they should refund it straight away.  I have been a customer with OCBC for 11 years and this is how you get treated!

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What Medical Insurance has really good coverage especially for someone who does an extensive traveling? Thank you.

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Most of the showflat sales coming from single-person households however the chronic drop in price of these property developments at Singapore's property market is expected to last next year.Primary factors causing this growth of real estate costs are due to ageing population, slack population growth and even constructive growth slowdown to consider on the chronic property market perspective.In general, this means a 5 to 6 percent increase annually which triggers a reversal from a chronic drop in price in home prices for the past 14 quarters.In the initial quarter, overall personal home costs fell 0.5 percent on-quarter, the 14th straight quarter of decreases. This moment around, nonetheless, the mass of the decrease remained in fairly small landed residential or commercial property sector, while non-landed rates were constant.The city-state's real estate rates surged greater than 60 percent from 2009 through 2013, propelled by rock-bottom international rates of interest and also quantitative easing in created economic situations, even as the government enacted a collection of cooling actions from 2011 to avoid a bubble from creating.Yet in very early March, the government downsized several of the visuals, consisting of reducing the seller's stamp task as well as shortening the minimal holding period to avoid it.

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Can anyone give me a recommendation of someone they have used, thanks

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I hope you can help refer me to an insurance agent, I am looking for an education insurance for my baby. Thank you.

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Can you please recommend a tax specialist that handles tax accounts of American expats? Thank you.

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I am looking for a money lender with low interest rates. Thanks.

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I highly recommend International Protection Group for helping us with a health insurance that covers maternity and infant care. It was such a huge help especially since my daughter was pre-eclampsia and had to to be rushed to the hospital a few days after giving birth. Thumbs up to IPG! I have found this group in this website - https://www.angloinfo.com/singapore/directory/listing/singapore-international-protection-group-ipg

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I would like to recommend Byron, he is doing a good job with our financial planning. He is an expat himself. His company Globaleye won an international award recently. http://www.globaleye.sg/about/

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How do I file a case in this tribunal? Do I need a lawyer? Thank you.

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If you are living abroad as a U.K. Citizen you should be paying your class 3 national insurance - although not compulsory, it is advisable - if you haven't you can pay up to 7 years back - annually - go to the UK Pensions page on the government website - it's worth it!

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I am currently looking for the best and most cost efficient way to transfer money to UK. Anyone got suggestions?

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Should I apply for a PEP or PR ...anyone got more info on this 

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Can somebody recommend a good auditor? Thank you.

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I have changed our family's health plan and switched to Integra Global. I was very satisfied with their service explained to me everything I needed to know and got the approval right away.

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