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Even though I am living here in Singapore I need to submit an Australian tax return for the year that has just finished. Is there anyone here that specialises in this?

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Jennifer 1249501722

Have a look at Financial Advice & Investments and Taxation & Financial Services there are a number of businesses that specialise in the Aussie tax area.

Mark P-18526 1249506655

Try ipac , they are specialists on Australian matters

Lex-20113 1249582544

smats also specialise in Australian tax as well as Australian property matters

batman-30089 1249655163

Thanks for all your help.

Mark from Worldwide Accountancy 1617530644

Reviving this old thread as I envisage updated contact information will be useful.

My name is Mark and I am the director of an Australian accounting and tax firm called Worldwide Accountancy (will link the website below). We have a range of information (blogs, FAQ's), offer a free initial consultation and even have a free Australian residency research tool – where you can determine your residency on a general basis.

Do not hesitate to reach out through the website contact us page. 


Link here>

George-Wilson-991963 1620386396

I fully agree with you on this one.

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