Defer or Renounce NS?

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Just curious, is there a way to defer or renounce a young boy's obligation to the National Service?

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Sarah-Holdsworth 1518228304

I think its very difficult - if you are PR  you would have to renouce your PR status - this means you can legally avoid it, however dont expect to be able to work in Singapore again!

If you are Singaporean, I believe you can defer in special circumstances, or through medical grounds

Jennifer 1518322529

These days if you apply to be PR it is epected that your children are signed up too. If you have a boy he will have to do NS but if he declines and renounces his PR - its a very bad thing and would mean that its unlikely he would ever be able to work in Singapore again.

Equally if you took PR and excluded your children, if they apply later to be PR after they can no longer do NS - it is unlikely they will get PR status.

It is a huge privilege to be awarded PR but I understand the reluctance of parents signing their son's up to 2 years of NS. A friend of mines son went through NS, despite being very bright, he got a lowly sqauddy type position for 2 years, so didnt really gain skills. However the 2 years did mature him and now at university he is doing incredibly well.

Ulyses 1518402476

Thank you Jennifer for your comprehensive reply. I gained insight on how to go about the NS. 

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