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Hi, We have an online business directory in France.  Local businesses pay to be on our website. We would like to do the same business in Singapore. Can we simply launch our website in Singapore and work with local businesses in Singapore.  Or is it way more complicated than that ?!   Thanks in advance for any assistance which would be hugely appreciated      

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For more information you can go to the AngloINFO page on Starting a Business in Singapore.

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Thanks for your reply.  However, I don't want to start a business in Singapore itself.

I think I can word my question better by saying,

'If a foreign business wants to operate with a Singapore-based business, does the foreign business need any kind of license etc' ?


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You need to register a company in Singapore. You can contact Anchor Business & IT Solutions for advise to start a business in Singapore. Visit their website

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Any website without a meaning is just a waste of time. So you need to attract traffic to it. And the fastest way is to use sms text message service to the database of those who agreed to join your mailing list. They will come to the website and buy your products if they are good. This is how I see it.

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