Craving for Mexican food

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My wife is craving for Mexican food. Are there any Mexican restaurant here? Thanks.

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babylon-34341 1277475927

Sadly there are none L

JS-18761 1277670277

Hi there are quite a few actually, we find the best one Margarita's which has at Dempsey and one at Clementi that I know of. There are a couple in Holland Village right next to each other and one in Cuppage Tce.

We went to the one at Clarke Quay but found it to be not very good.

TexasFamily 1277817007

We also vote for Margaritas! Very, very dandy tasting! There's a new one just past the American Embassy. If you call the Faber Dr location, they can tell you exact directions. 6777.1782

luisrene 1278546746

Yeah, I agree Margaritas is one of the best ones in town! They also have in East Coast road, if you live in that side. Alternatively, we found the other day, a quite decent mexican taco place in clarke quay, they have the best margaritas, and tacos sandiego or LA style. The most famous is Al Pastor. Btw, their tequila is a must...

Oh! just remembered, a new one which just open, is CASA LATINA, in BrasBasah road, next to the National Art Museum, and they have a mexican chef. This is authentic not tex-mex type.



xyz789 1278608731

Thanks for all your generous feedback. My wife absolutely love Margarita's. We'll try Casa Latina this weekend :)

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