Oktoberfest 2017 @ YOUNGS Bar & Restaurant 17 October

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Don't miss out on this great event on 17 Oktober -  CLICK Here for more details - should be fun!! https://www.angloinfo.com/singapore/events/entertainment/oktoberfest-2017-youngs-bar-restaurant-17-octoberOktoberfest 20https://www.angloinfo.com/singapore/events/entertainment/oktoberfest-2017-youngs-bar-restaurant-17-october17 @ YOUNGS Bar & Restaurant 17 October

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Ruth 1507504398

I didn't realize that it's Octoberfest until I read this post. Been so busy with work lately didn't have much time to have fun.

nix 2009 1507622635

Hi Sarah, I can't find the link from your post.

Jennifer 1507624819

Link doesnt seem to work - can you send again, thanks

nix 2009 1507682275

Thanks Sarah!

Ulyses 1507764291

Octoberfest babyyyyyy!

Admin 1507961046

You may head to Angloinfo's Events page for more happenings in Singapore

Ulyses 1508208640

See you all mates!

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