Restaurant that won't serve tap water

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Last night we ate at La Forketta at Dempsey. We ordered wine and beers and of course food. No water was forthcoming, so eventually, asked for some tap water to which they said that they didn't serve, in fact refused to, they did point out that tap water was served in their other restaurant in River Valley Road. They would only serve bottled water at $9 a bottle ++. Has anyone else come across other restuarants in Singapore that refuses to serve you tap water despite spending a lot of money on wine and food!

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deedee-20122 1208160943

I have found the same thing at Angel Share in Dempsey as well as Bakerzin in The Paragon.

jennifer-17581 1208183823

I wonder is it legal. I for one will not eat in any restaurant that will not allow me the choice.

jennifer-17581 1208183952

I can understand in small cafe's etc where they don't want students sipping free water for hours on end but in a good restaurant where prices are already very high and one is buying wine etc, I just don't get it.

Julienne-19531 1208204585

That is silly. What skin is it of their nose if customers want some water as well as the wine and beer they are drinking? I'd say vote with your feet!

sandy-20184 1208284743

I think it is ridiculous. As long as you are eating or drinking at the establishment they should serve free tap water.

jennifer-17581 1208357089

The owner of the restaurant called me and said that most Italian restaurants would not allow tap water (news to me) I told her that whilst I thought their food to be very good I still wanted to have the choice of tap water and suggested she charge a small cover charge for bread and water as she was so concerned about the cost of tap water. She did say that some people come into her restaurant take up a table for 6 and share 3 Pizza's and used to drink tap water which meant she made no money. I can understand this dilemma but will still avoid restaurants that have this policy.

Jollytinker 1208483958

Call the restaurant owner back and tell her she's talking cobblers. Any real Italian or French restaurant will serve you ordinary tap-water.

I's also suggest that you post your negative experience on very frequently browsed websites such as Trip Advisor - then send them the link/URL!!

Power to the People.

"It's not the destination
It's the glory of the ride."

jennifer-17581 1208612867

Will do.. I must admit a lot of restaurants, nowadays, in Singapore, ask you when you sit down 'still or sparking water' to which I reply 'tap'. I have been got a few times, when I have said flat and in fact in one restaurant made them take it back and replace with tap. I find it so annoying, I spend a lot of money on good wine and food, so am not skimping but I hate to waste and generally I can't tell in Singapore between chilled tap and chilled bottle water. I think it all has a snob value attached plus of course a way for the restaurant to rack up your bill. In some obvious countries then of course I will will drink bottled water where the tap water is known to be questionable.

chantal-17616 1208627089

It would make an interesting article in the Straits Times or perhaps one of the mags..which restaurants won't let a customer have tap water and why they insist on this policy.

jennifer-17581 1212925992

Delighted to see that the Straits Times took up the challenge, there is a whole article about the issue in lifestyle! Brilliant.

Mendis 1213575921

We just came back from dinner at Dempsey, where we walked out of La Forketta! It was my husband's birthday and the two of us went to La Forketta with my parents. We ordered a bottle of wine and asked for water and of course we were told that they don't serve tap water. So I asked for an un-iced bottle of water (at 9 dollars a bottle) as my mum's having a sore throat. They brought out an ice cold bottle of water and served it before we noticed. Then we asked for one glass of water at room temperature for my mum without fussing about the iced water and we were told that would be an extra 1 dollar! How cheap and tacky is that? We said ok and ordered our food and my dad wanted fettucine instead of spaghetti with the carbonara sauce, to which they said he could only change it to linguine or penne. We asked why and they said they have no fettucine. So he said he'll have tagliatelle instead and they said that would cost an extra 5 dollars! We left without paying.

Leone-19185 1213616901

Anyone is entitled to choice. Vote with your feet ...... !!!!

But really have to add here that we had lunch at one of the nicest places in Singapore last Saturday. Not only was it a delicious, healthy and very fresh, they actually brought to our table, water of our choice.

Worth going to, the name is Eden Sanctuary - Garden Cafe at 44 Rochester Park, not too far from Dover Station. Contact # is: 6777 1189

Open every day from 9.30am. Closing times vary, depends on weekends etc. But certainly not before 6.00pm

Delightful and varied menu, well worth trying.

Big Plameuk 1235747562

Defintely, vote with your feet, this charade has been going on for years and a bunch of c***. Try La Strada at Shaw Centre, great pizza and other food and they'll serve you nicely iced tap water until the cows come home, getting skinned alive for a S$9 bottle that cost them S$1 is even more ridiculous then being charged S$70 for a bottle of Jacob's Creek. btw check with restaurant's corkage fee, believe me with the current downturn they'll change their "policies" or they'll be playing solitaire every night at 7pm, wondering why no one comes any more, then the curtains come down forever.

jennifer-17581 1235811770

Anyone know if La Forketta at Dempsey has changed its policy yet, should imagine they will be forced to soon given the impending recession. I go to La Strada often, its very good and the water from the tap is great!!

jojo81 1235849560

Not too sure if La Forketta has changed its policy. I've been to rather too many places that charge you or at least bring out a bottle of 'Fuji' water and pour you one. I can't believe they would think I'd ask for such things.

To charge $9? Wow! Fine if the restaurant doesn't want to serve tap water, but it would be great if they'd charge something to towards the $3/4 mark. Soft drinks them selves are too expensive, but when a bottle of water costs more than a can of coke? People are going to turn to the non-healthy option. Lets hope they wake up soon.

isasing 1236682889

Yep the Coffee Club at Orchard -- you can order as many $7 coffees as you wish but absolutely impossible to get ice water you have to buy Evian -- I just don't like Evian!


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