Data on phones overseas - Data passport with M1 is a great deal

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Big tip - M1 is amazing - you book by the month and get data in the same way you do when in Singapore eg Bali was $10 - Japan $25 and you use your data in the same way as you do at home. Think Singtel charge $10 a day!!! You are restricted to certain carriers but I have never had an issue

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nix 2009 1514475393

I have an existing M1 plan, can I still avail of the M1 Data Passport?

Ruth 1515604975

No extra charges for roaming?

Jennifer 1516004314

I have used it recently - really good and I kept an eye on my roaming useage so never went over what I normally use - I switched to wifi as usual wher I could - yes you can use if you have an M1 plan - you would only pay more if you go over the data allowence you normally get in Singapore. Also for phoning overseas I just use WhatsApp or Skype from my phone so much cheaper when abroad and if you recieve an incoming call - say you will call them back - a lot cheaper!

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