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I need to find a good gynie. Would prefer a lady doc but I heard there aren't many around. Any recommendations? Caroline

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jennifer-17581 1165908681

I use Dr Illancheran (a man) who works within Mary Ralph's clinic at Mount Elizabeth. He is fantastic, (always has a nurse present if examining you) and I rarely have to wait, he also specialises in oncology within the gyny region. He always has plenty of time to explain things. I took my daughter to Mary Ralph, had to wait a while for an appointment and was kept waiting for a fair while, although to be fair the receptionists did warn me and suggested we go and do something else for 30 minutes. She was however very good

Harriet Gough 1165924318

I have been going to Dr. Anne Hagarty at the Promenade. She is a Canadian and has been here for a long time. She delivered both my babies and I was very happy with her. Although she does run chronically late, I don't think I ever saw her at my appoinment time. However around the time of my appointment I ring the clinic to ask how late she is running and usually show up about an hour later than the original appointment time. That works and cuts down the time in the waiting room.


jennifer-17581 1165956884

Yes but in my experience we are talking hours with Dr Hagarty. I changed some years ago to Dr Illancheran and have been very happy and never kept waiting more than 10 minutes, although appointments generally have to be made well in advance. An appointment with Dr Hagarty at 3pm can often really mean 5.30pm. It's great to be popular, but just how keen are you to hang around and wait. It means that you can't make any plans.

Harriet Gough 1165957247

That has happened but it's more usual to be 1 to 1 1/2 hours delayed, really...


Nubuxo 1166028421

I had a baby at the Thomson Medical Centre with Dr Paul Tseng and he is really nice and good. I have recommended him to a few friends who were looking for a lady Dr and they are really happy with him!

Caroline-17670 1166089035

I know I should just get over this lady/man thing. Really don't fancy long waiting times so I think I'll have to give it a try... thanks for your replies.


Choolie 1166479162

Dr Selina Chua at Mount E Medical Centre is excellent, very down to earth and practical, and you don't have to wait for ages... (She is also the expert in Singapore for turning babies who are breech...) but is expert in all gynae matters... Highly recommended...


Caroline-17670 1166486504

Hi Choolie, thanks for the tip. Will try tomorrow. Really must go for my annual test as it has been nearly 3 years.... Not that I procrastinate or anything...


frangipani-17846 1168865426


Now I'm loojing for good and profecional and understanding gynae...,

So How was your impression?

I was searching internet for dr Illancheran, does anybody know him?

Maybe any other suggestions? I live not in the city center - closer to Jurong East, so I'd prefer clinic somwhere near by, but sometimes its good to go miles to good doctor.

I'll be gratefull for any suggestions




jennifer-17581 1168869795

Hi Frangipani
I actually use Dr Illancheran and I think he's brilliant. He listens to what you have to say, he always has a nurse in the room when he examins you and I am rarely kept waiting to see him for very long. A few of my friends have used him for more serious matters in that department and have been very happy.
Hope this helps

frangipani-17846 1168893558


Thanks for advice, I'll try ASAP :) He is in Mount Elizabeth Medical Centre, isn't it?



jennifer-17581 1168932610

Yes he is, he works there a few days a week, haven't got his details to hand but expect it will be listed in Angloinfo. He also has another clinic somewhere but not sure where.

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