I want to lose my overweight! Give me advice!

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Hello everyone! I have a problem with my obesity. I tried everything but without any result. From my friends I learned about product for weight loss reductan and I think to use it. What do you think?

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Admin 1404553196

You have to make it a lifestyle, diet and exercise.

emmah-17623 1404554484

I found this brilliant ap called myfitnesspal it really clever - youh have to add everything you eat  and any exercise but it gets faster to use after a week or so - try it

Admin-17548 1404642381

You can have a look at Weight Loss, Slimming & Nutrition.

brangelina 1404739071

I have tried all kinds of workout and diet but you know what worked best for me? I cut my carbs intake in half and took up contemporary dancing. My weight loss was not drastic but my body is beginning to take shape again. Nobody believes that I am 40.

carree-43300 1404907592

brangelina, hello, which dance school do you go too? Is that for adults?

Saritia 1405025624

Forget about those products. Try a healthy way. More sports exercise. This is my advice. Success.

Angelia-969035 1406044841

I've heard of this product but don't know how it works. It is better to talk to a doctor or specialist!

Angelia-969035 1406044875

I've heard of this product but don't know how it works. It is better to talk to a doctor or specialist!

mikela 1507642622

I've already used reductan. For me reductan, this is a very good product. For a 7-week period I lost 10 pounds. Very good result for me

Admin 1509782887

Do have a look at Weight Loss, Slimming & Nutrition for more options.


Sarah-Holdsworth 1509850671

Weight loss is tough but a lot is to do with diet unless you have other medical issues like thyroid problems. Losing weight through a support group can help. The biggest thing that helped me was cutting out carbs and then later only allowing them before lunch and never in the evening....good luck

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