Internations Automatic Renewal BEWARE!

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Just seen a payment to Europe for $72 plus a conversion fee to internations - a renewal fee, no notification and really hard to get hold of them. It tells you you can only cancel your subscription through itunes - however I never made the purchase that way only through a debit card - anyone else had this issue - trying to email them to sort it out as otherwise they will continue to take it - disgraceful!

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Ulyses 1512517542

My goodness! With all the good things the internet has done, it has also brought on its own curse.

Jennifer 1512527117

Internations is a sort of expat meeting site but with no direct telephone contact numbers. Apparently they auto renew any paid memebership without any notification and argue that you should know as its all over their site - however I asked to cancel within the 14 days as stated on their Terms & Conditions but they are still refusing to refund - what should I do?

Jennifer 1512890600

They have refused to refund and as the membership is $70 they are also gambling on the fact that its too much bother to take it further - the automatic rollover doesnt get a refund - apparently. It is disgraceful - has anyone else had similar issues?

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