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nix 2009



How do I file a complaint against my landlord? And where should I complain? The building allows for pets but he doesn't agree despite the stipulation of allowing pets in our contract. Thank you.

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Sr Kiasu 1511943902

If in Singapore you can try CASE if you are in Singapore. Check your contract, if not go to the nearest police station to launch a fraud report (ok not much might come out, but people here are scared sh888tls when you pull the "I call police" card).

Jennifer 1511954177

If you had it in the contract that you can have pets no issue! 

Ulyses 1512097849

Have you checked if you seek mediation from Small Claims Tribunal?

Sarah-Holdsworth 1512288447

In my earlier dealings with landlords, they think they can take advantage of you if they know you are leaving Singapore. Best thing is to give someone else in Singapore the authority to chase up the deposit if there are issues. But CASE is very good and in Singapore the justice system works really well and is know for being straight and not corrupt.

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