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Hi, all. I am in need of a good Private Investigator to do some investigation on my husband. Could anyone who have good PI contacts or experience pls share with me.

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hi, i know of a good PI I used before.

if u are interested, email me at

Lauren-20076 1266568096

Take a look at the Private Investigators category on this site. It may be of some help to you.


margretling 1266574055

lauren, i know, i am asking is because of the reputation of the PI industry. I heard of many story of PI taking the money and not doing the job or not able to do the job.

I hope to get some feedback from ppl who had hired PI before and get referral from them, I feel it will be safer then finding those from the Priavte Investigator column, which who don't know their background and ability. Anyway, tks.

Karen, can i have some feedback of the PI u recommend? 1267090097

Hi, sorry for the late reply, was busy.

Ok, the PI was recommended to me by a friend.

They are licensed by the Singapore Police Force, and they were ex-police officer.

They charged accordingly to how many days u engaged them. No hidden cost or extra cost.

However, the most important is that they really did a good job for me and got me the evidence within 2 weeks. 1267090353

in case anyone miss me contacts email me at

margretling 1271951924

Hi, Karen, thank you for the recommendation.

The PI you recommend is great. So far, he had got for me very good evidence, however, they are still doing the job and making sure I get a strong evidence so that my husband would not be able to deny it.

brangelina 1277371695

hi, i need your help. could you please send me the contact number of your private investigator. i have a feeling my husband is having an affair. thanks. 1277834923

have already email u.

brangelina 1277897992

Thanks Karen :) got it!

sesomlim 1288305469

Hi Karen
I am also very suspicious of my wife having affair. Would you recommend your PI?

sesomlim 1288446146

Hi Karen
Thanks for the contact. Any info of rough cost as I am not very well off. I am loosing my mine and weight and very stressed and tired. Thanks again. 1288453415

it really depend on your case. For mine, he charged me $2400/-.

savvyz 1300194741

Hi Karen,

Heard good reviews about the P.I you have hired?

May I also have his/her contacts?

Thanks! 1300386033

hi, i have send u the contact

Annie-18017 1300621805

Anyone used made me laugh when I saw it on the back of a taxi!

yvettetan 1309455600

I have used aka Kokusai Security before and I have only this to tell you.... Don't waste your precious money!

They charge a bomb but are unable to find any useful evidence at all of my husband's affair.

At the end, I had to spend another smaller sum of money to engage another PI and he was able to get the evidence in a short time.

I am sure the company will try to discredit what I say, but you can ask yourself this question... if is that good, why do they need to advertise?

nini-65784 1309521182

i think we have to set up hahaha

brangelina 1309523412

LOL! I couldn't agree more with you! Thanks that was a good laugh!!!

JLH-17881 1309606504

Seriously though what do you do if you think your husband may be cheating, do you try and confrnt him or get a PI to confirm everything first

lost2012 1330782249

hi, i am looking for a PI to check on my husband. This is my first time
in doing this. I want to know the price, duration, what they can get for
me. what is the process like. Any kind souls out there pls help me.

JohnnyWalking 1353342826

Hi there. I'm looking for a good, reputable PI on some marital matters. Would anyone be able to recommend one, please? Thank you. 

Admin-33483 1353493690

There is quite a number of good choices from the AngloFILE: Private Investigators

euphoria777 1403538453

Hi Please recommend a good PI at reasonable cost.  I know this post is old but I hope that someone with good recommendation will respond.  Appreciate.

rockamprin 1407098351

Hi karen,

          Please do send me the contact of PI too.Thanks in advance.

Privateye 1412147771

You may PM in or drop us a line at

serena2303 1419133336

Hi, i need a cheap and good PI to investigate my husband. Can someone please share with me your experience and good PI contact & cost?


Thank yoi

PIvictim 1423260812


Anyone can recommend me a PI with reasonable price?

I had engaged a supposedly "cheap and good" which they claim to be but ended up with very disappointing outcome.


Thanks in advance.

Jennifer 1423320187

Do look under the directory that AngloINFO has 

If anyone has other recommendations that are not listed and they are based in Singapore let us know and they can be added, once they have been checked out.

lost2012 1423565573

hi, i have personally used the service of a Private Investigator (PI).

The PI handled my case well and keep me update regularly.

 He was experienced and give me good advices during the investigation.

Even after the investigation is over, he still give me advice when i ask him for help to fight for my child custody.

I seriously would recomend to anyone who need the service of a good and honest PI.

The PI was from Glen Iris Investigations. If u need the contact, pm me.

Jennifer 1423569320

Many thanks for the recommendation. We are contacting them and adding this company to the list of

 Private Investigators & Detectives and

 Private Security

June2011 1429233255

Hi lost2012,

It would be great if I can get the contact of the PI you mentioned. 

Thank you!

Archive 1429963517

Hi and lost2012

I'll be very grateful to have both your PI contacts. Family trouble.

Warmly, Sas

Jennifer 1429971228

Do check out the list that we have on AngloINFO under 

daisyvaz44 1445944926

Dear Lost2012, can you pls share the PI contact with me? I need a reliable and reasonably priced PI urgently. Thanks much.


Bestrong 1449481405



I read the thread of your review on the good PI fron  Glen Iris Investigations.

May i check how much was the charge and how good is he.  

I wasted money on a PI (KoKusai Security) who i paid and did nothing and ask for more.

Hope to hear from you soon



Disappointed-Gal-868063 1472346617

Hi and lost2012,

Sad that I have to come to this stage.

Please PM me your PI contacts urgently. Thanks a lot! 

lost2012 1472555437

Disappointed Gal, i cant pm u. 

send me your email to

Eng-Peh-951733 1578022992

not sure still in use.

I saw a lot info on private Investigator.

can any kind soulintroduce a good and reliable Private Investigator to me.

Kukosai and catch cheating spouse agcncy no need

nikki-69460 1578152992

I am also in need for a good PI. pls pm

Tiffany-Chia-1030776 1651915781

Hi, me too had bad experience with Kokusai Catch Cheating Spouse. They made me spend a lot but was not able to give me anything. After that went to another PI, Detective Don PI, which don’t seem to advertise much, and got me what I want with similar costs.

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