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Equality is not tantamount to the law of nature. I have good friends who are gay but seeing my country get caught up in this moral decay is enough to break my heart.

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Benny Lee 1435578043

I rejoice with all the gay people in the world in this landmark decision. 

Ellie-38853 1435656785

I can breathe a sigh of relief that Singapore is light years away from accepting same sex marriage let alone legalizing it.

Stuart-34306 1435747255

This same-sex marriage will increase divorce percentage in the US. I am not a conservative but my wife and I felt sad because we honestly believe that only a man and woman should marry as how nature dictates.

Jollytinker 1449725099

Gay = Moral Decay?

From which century were you transported here?

If gay people wish to marry in a civil ceremony it should be their right in any civilised country.

If they wish to marry in a religious ceremony then that is up to the mores of that religion.

Live and let live people



Llamb-37321 1450277805

As you say live and let live... This is my opinion and I stand by it 

Periras- Perdon-976918 1610619076

Right. What does your orientation has to do with morality. Chikatilo was not gay, but had no morality at all. So gay or no gay it doesn't really matter as long as you don't violate any laws and commit no crime!

Doctor-Roosevelt-980402 1610624200

Ahem...the deeper the forest, the angrier are the guerillas it seems. Why are we connecting gays with serial killers? Enough that people everywhere are stigmatizing them. For dating gay partners it is better to use as you can have plenty of profiles to browse without fear to be judged by some semi-smart guys with limited beliefs but inflated egos.

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