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nix 2009



We are launching a startup web app and we are looking for a reputable SEO. We are looking for someone who is highly recommended by any of the members in this community. Looking forward to hearing from you. Thank you.

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Sarah-Holdsworth 1514773991

There are so many, I ended up learning how to do a lot of it myself - eg Adwords, but will need to use an SEO company at some point, so also interested if anyone has strong recommendations. Many of the SEO companies spend hours submitting your business to all and any directories and then do adwords and often not that well. Good idea to learn as much as you can first and invite 3 SEO companies to quote - you'll also be able to ask the right questions and watch what they are doing!

nix 2009 1514863284

That's also my problem. I don't even know how to shortlist. So many of them promising this and that but too many of them not being able to. 

Ulyses 1515456113

It's a huge problem. There are too many players but very few people can actually do SEO.

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