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We are having to move as the current landlord has raised the rent by over 20%, despite trying to negotiate we cannot meet this new rate. She wants us to show the apartment to prospective tenants which we did agree to but it has become ridiculous. We have 8 weeks remaining of our tenancy agreement but I resent having to be around to let strangers paw over our home 3 or 4 times a day. The landlady says we have to let people in as it's in our lease otherwise she could keep the depoist. Can anyone offer some suggestions.

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Any suggestions for a lady that has most things... I want to do something very special and really surprise her.

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I have lived in Singapore for almost 9 months now. Spent a few weeks back in the UK during the summer and I noticed that I seem to have so much more energy when I am there. I am finding it really hard to get motivated physically here. Don't know if it is the heat or not. Eventhough the gyms are airconditioned I still feel like I am wading through mud most of the time. Getting up in the morning is worse too. Am I still acclimatising after 9 months? I even went to have a medical in case there was something wrong with me but according to the doc, I am in perfect shape. Help! Josephine

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I am having some problems with my maid. She seemed really nice during the interview but since she has started she's changed. Can hardly say good morning in the mornings (7.30/8.00 am so hardly too early) and argues with me. I asked her to change the liner of our kitchen bin because it was getting smelly and she said. "Really, I don't smell anything!?!" Then she seems to be too sick to work during the week but is always bright and sunny on Sundays. Took her to my GP and he said he couldn't find anything and he thought she was probably faking it. Took her to the hospital, because by this time she could hardly walk and she was admitted on the Thursday. Out on Friday when they also couldn't find anything and out all day Sunday when she had made quite a miraculous recovery. I'd asked her to be home at 10.00 pm and she rang at 10.30 to say she'd be late.... I think I am going to have to let her go, but am a bit nervous because I've never 'fired' anyone before. Does anyone have any tips?   Hen

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Has anyone got a solution to the fizzy hair effects that the humidity causes...I envy those women with staright hair..that

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I'm supposed to go to BKK on business this afternoon for just the night. Am getting back very mixed reports on what the situation is at the moment. Although banks have gone back to work today and it seems things are being handled well. I am still debating on whether I should go or not but must say am definitely leaning towards getting on that plane this pm. Anybody just back from there with some on-the-ground experience? Tim

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I have been reading in the news about the latest ATM scam in Singapore. It actually happened to me in France. It was a Saturday afternoon, I went to an ATM machine placed my card in, tapped in my number but it was rejected, a very pleasant looking, well dressed English man behind me said he'd had a problem too but to try again, which I did. This time I lost my card. I was annoyed but thought I'd inform the bank on Monday and get the card back then. By the time I called the bank on Monday  morning over 3,000 pounds had been taken from the account. It turned out that the man behind me was the scammer, as it was caught on the banks cameras...there must have been some device that took the card and he was able to retrieve it and had obviously seen me tap in my number or used a spy camera. Fortunately the bank did cover the loss but it has certainly made me very cautious.

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What is the general consensus about business travel to Thailand since the overthrow of the government.

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I am British but my husband is American. We got married here in Singapore and have lived here for 4 years now. Like all Americans abroad we have had to deal with the new tax rules introduced in the US in May this year. We are now receiving less in housing allowance and paying more in taxes. Does anyone know if/how we can minimize our tax liability?   Freddy

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As we are taking salaries thought it might be a good idea to check the going maids rates...I think I may be paying over the odds...but having to find a new girl so want to check the market. I currently pay $550 per month plus cable TV and the Filipino channel, no extra bonus (used to pay the last girl $500 per month and an extra month at xmas, no toiletries , no extra channels) shampoo, soap and toothpaste and lots of time off.

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Has enyone any experience in how one goes about trying to get extra exam time for a child that has some learning issues or to be able to use a lap top, just begining to investigate. The school has given us some advice but would love to hear from a parent that has been through it.

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What is an expected salary in Singapore these days? Obviously it depends on the field that you are in but lets say an expat with wife and two kids in a senior management position, what sort of package should they be looking at, shud it include housing and schooling?

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I was horrified to find mould growing in some shoes that I haven't worn in a while...does this happen to other people here...someone suggested a dehumidifier...any other ideas

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Hello, I'm planning a 5 day trip with my husband and 10mth old baby. Somwhere relaxing to basically chill and relax and easy to get around with baby. Was thinking of Bali but concerned by the monsoon season. Is there somewhere in Thailand/Malaysia that is not affected by the monsoon period ?

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Can anyone advise on what the current property market is doing...eg rents and property prices...we are thinking we might buy but not too sure of the market and where it is in the cycle. Finding a decent rental property is proving to be challenging.

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Can anyone tell me what hand baggage restrictions are in place with air travel out of Singapore and Deli.

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Can anyone tell me the best place to go to find Thai ingredients?

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I see that there a large number of fairs happening in Singapore, has anyone got an opinion on which are the best...or should I say not to be missed...when I lived in Hong Kong certain fairs where amazing and some were not!

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need some advice on the best places to take my parents or at least to tell them what they should see whilst they are here...only visiting for 2 days

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Is it to with all the rain we had or the IMF, getting a taxi yesterday was all but impossible

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