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Can anyone recommend a plumber that is 24/7...needed one on Sunday morning, suprisingly no one wanted to come out.

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OK some of you will throw paint...however and I know its probably a daft question but does anyone know if there is such a place in Singapore where such things can be stored properly...I tend to need it only once or twice a year...believe me visiting Russia and the likes, fake furs just don't keep you warm.

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Hello - I am living in France to where I located 5 years ago and am about to return to UK. The reason for this inquiry, however, is that I am interested to find out how many British ex pats there are in Singapore and why they relocated to somewhere so distant from UK and if they are pleased with the move. I did live in Singapore between 1967 and 70 and loved it.  My memories are of Cold Storage in Orchard Road as well as C K Tangs Emporium, the yellow topped taxis, Boogie Street, The Raffles Hotel and The Brit Club and Tiger Balm Gardens - are these are still thriving? Are house prices comparable to those in UK. Hoping someone will be kind enough to answer me from wonderful Singapore

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Can anyone recommend a teacher of Mandarin Chinese or a good class?

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Having moved to the tropics, we found that we have excess cool weather clothing which we'd love to donate. Any sources?

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Can anyone recommend a really good hairdresser...had a bit of a disaster at one i tried earlier today and am now sporting a green tinge!

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I just love all the Asian food and want to create it at home but don't know where to start, any ideas/recommendations. I want to make it really authentic! Thanks xx Cheers*****

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Desperately looking for a Business Studies Tutor for my daughter who is in grade 12.

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Just had our first PUB bill, bit of a shock, we are in a 4 bed apartment and the bill was over $1000, is this normal? Can anyone advise

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Just checked out the what's on section of Anglo Info. I see the BBC Symphony Orchestra is performing in October which I had no idea about...should be a good night!

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A writers support group meets on alternate Tuesday mornings to discuss ongoing projects and writing goals over lunch. Please email writerscoven@yahoo.com for more information.

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A friend of mine was recently fined $20 for Jay Walking at Orchard Boulavard. He was told that he should have used the overhead bridge.

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Please can someone recommend a good upholstery cleaner.

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Just to say Thank You Anglo Info. I need to buy awnings and found exactly what I wanted hassle free on your site.

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