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I am looking to set up my friend with a really nice man. Any ideas what dating agency you would recommend?

started by: redwine · last update: 1458812862 · posted: 1458775240

I am not a practicing Catholic but I feel like going to confession. I hope you can help me. Thanks.

started by: Anonymous · last update: 1458445426 · posted: 1458027030

Can someone please lead me to a calligrapher? Thanks.

started by: Kae · last update: 1458375411 · posted: 1457948193

If you guys miss seeing cherry blossoms at this time of the year, Gardens by the Bay is worth visiting. The display will run through March 27.

started by: Llamb · last update: 1458034912 · posted: 1458034912

My accountant is going back to his home country and I am in need of a new one. I hope you can recommend someone really good and you personally know. Also looking at someone who specializes in taxes. Thanks.

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Check this out https://www.angloinfo.com/singapore/classifieds/ad/singapore-angloinfo-special-offer-uk-tv-abroad-712497/ just bought it and am watching all UK channels - 99 Euro for the box and 35 euro a month for all channels and some have 7 days catch up which means I can watch yesterdays programmes today!

started by: DaddyYo · last update: 1457572512 · posted: 1455702132

Just arrived here in Singapore with my brother and he'd like to have a tattoo inked on his ever growing collection of body inks. Any recommendations on where best to go? I know Google is my friend but would really like to get personal insights. Thanks!

started by: SamWise-10066547 · last update: 1457486900 · posted: 1456314661

Where to go to have my iPhone screen fixed? 

started by: AlleinT · last update: 1456489522 · posted: 1456151477

Helping out a friend here. Where do you shop for a skinny guy?

started by: MrGrey-10065624 · last update: 1456409661 · posted: 1456409661

Any idea where to learn Hokkien?

started by: MrGrey-10065624 · last update: 1455967860 · posted: 1454607423

Any recommendations for charities/organizations that accept part time volunteers?

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Store4you offers the best solution by providing storage in Singapore at an affordable price. You can store anything under the sun you want and be relaxed. Your things are 100% safe with us.

started by: TammyS · last update: 1455558664 · posted: 1455102898

Helping out a friend here. Any recommendations where and who to contact for sewing machine service and parts?

started by: Ms Abby · last update: 1455540373 · posted: 1454665766

A friend is looking to learn German. Does anyone know of any language exchange he can participate in or a native German speaker who can teach him in exchange of mandarin? Thank you in advance.

started by: GeorgeExpat · last update: 1455531360 · posted: 1455183479

Something to watch out next month http://bit.ly/1Lid6xU

started by: thepixiefairy · last update: 1455366870 · posted: 1455031251

Any recommendations for a good tailor that makes business suit? My brother needs to have one made immediately for a business meeting.

started by: TheMD · last update: 1455283079 · posted: 1455011533

Looking for last minute Valentine ideas for my partner. Dining options, gifts, after dinner venues... any recommendations?

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Kung Hei Fat Choi to everyone! Quick question: How do you dispose of old and unusable electrical apliances, old computer, cables, etc., here in Singapore? Got a bunch here and don't know how to dispose of them. What would be the proper way of getting rid of them?

started by: MrGrey-10065624 · last update: 1454775215 · posted: 1453813311

I am looking for someone who can repair my bedframe which has been dented during my recent move. Has anyone got recommendations or a place where I can bring the bed?

started by: sarahj-17608 · last update: 1454759892 · posted: 1454147308

Is it something my helper is doing or moths. I keep getting holes in all my T shirts in the same place at the front of my T shirts - no where else, any suggestiongs? Tried moth prevention but that has not changed anything! 

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