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We've been trying IVF to conceive but have been unsuccessful. Is there anything else we can do to conceive? Should we go to another fertility doctor?

started by: Ruth · last update: 1632912943 · posted: 1520817123

I am looking for the best fertility doctor in Singapore. We don't want IVF we want it done the natural way as possible. Thank you.

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Loved this hairdresser but cant get hold of him - has he left one friend told me she thought he had but the mobile is still taking messages?

started by: Ruth · last update: 1628801265 · posted: 1517847646

What are the differences among the different hair treatments like oplaplex, brazilian blowout and keratin treatment?

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I'm looking for a salsa dance school for expats, anybody know where I could find one?

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I have taken up the TRA Weight Management 3 months program last 2 weeks. Before I sign up the program, I have been searching around for those lose weight product or slim product. End up I found and selected the NuSkin TRA weight management program. The first day I visited the NuSkin office, they done a body measurements for me, as well as perform a body fat analysis so that they will be able to analyze the problem. Thereafter they will elaborate on weight management using the correct approach; They dont believe in starving to achieve the desired weight, but instead we emphasize on right and healthy living. So far, I took the suppliment without any side effect and I still eat as normal...I have started to drop my weight about 1 ~ 2 kg in 2 weeks. The important area that I am looking was, it must be inspected and approved by HSA with certificate. And also the company background history. I would said that NuSkin product was quality product. Of course in the market, they are a lot of other lose weight products. It depend on end user. But, if u are paying for peanut, u will get peanut...

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When it comes to foundation - get yourself some good tools! I know some people like applying makeup with their fingers but I feel like you need to at least try a sponge, brush or beauty blender first. Beautybay stock some cheap makeup brushes, like Morphe Brushes and they also stock beauty blenders .                                                              Make sure you find a good foundation  and make sure you get a colour which best matches your skin. The beauty business is promising with leaps andbounds as well as you should keep yourself updated with the new trends risingin the market. However, how accurately would you perform that? Certainly,makeup artist courses would the correct option to keep yourself par through themodern world. 

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Hi, please help me look for a nutritionist. My post partum depression led me to binge eating and I gained a lot of weight. I am looking forward to a better 2017 by changing this bad habit and replacing it with good and healthy food. Thanks.

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Distributors of these Taiwanes products 'Brand's Alpha Tank Chewable Multi Vitamins & Minerals' and 'Naturext Immune+ Probiotic 50B' have been recalled as a precautionary measure.

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Excellent doctor for aesthetics that really takes care to do a natural look - recommend him - Dr Lee Mun Heng at Cambridge Medical Group in Ngee Ann City

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Does anybody know where we could rent a dance studio? Tank you.

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Been doing this exercise since the beginning of last month and so far the rewards are fairly good. I lost 5 lbs in two weeks. It also builds power and stamina. It's also very good for toning the muscles. Highly recommend this exercise!

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Please if you have any recommendations, let me know. My daughter is suffering from anxiety attacks. Thank you.

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Looking for a good orthopedic surgeon...any suggestions? Thank you...

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Drives me mad that hairdressers always add a surcharge atthis time of year so it was refreshing to get this email from Capello Loft "We, at Capello Loft, would like to thank you for supporting us. At the same time, we are happy to inform you as well that we are not having any chinese-new-year-surcharge during this period. So if your hair is not ready for Chinese-New-Year yet, come and visit us soon. We would be happy to be part of your cny-hair-preparation. Gong Xi Fa Cai!!"

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Any ideas where I could get in touch with a massage service? Thank you.

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I have developed a tennis elbow, it really is painful. Is there a way to getting treatment for such that it can totally make me pain free? How about chiropractic treatment, is it safe?

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My friend is in need of a confinement nanny. May I ask if you know anyone who can help? Thank you.

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Has anybody tried this diet plan? How effective is it? Thank you.

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How can i get perfect attractive breast shape and size , what one can do to achieve perfectly shaped breast ..... which method will be more effective , Natural Herbs , Home remedies , Message , Surgery ... Please mention if there is any other way to get them in perfect shape ..

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