Kettleball Exercise

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Been doing this exercise since the beginning of last month and so far the rewards are fairly good. I lost 5 lbs in two weeks. It also builds power and stamina. It's also very good for toning the muscles. Highly recommend this exercise!

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angrybird, I have heard good things about this kettlebell training. Will have to get on this myself. Thanks for sharing! Did you follow a special diet or anything whilst training? Maybe you could post your routine up for other users to follows.

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Hi Adam, I'm not following any special diet. I only cut back on my carbs, limiting myself to 1 cup of rice each meal. I still eat desserts and my favorite foods but all in moderation. I have had a backlash in the past when I tried to control my eating. I do kettleball thrice a week, I do light cardio twice a week and I rest and have fun on weekends.

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lock-down due to Covid-19, you might be wondering how to stay fit when
you can’t head to the gym, swimming pool or even outside. Here’s a list
of exercises that could all be done in a small space and without any
kit or equipment, so you don’t have to worry if you didn’t have time to
stock up on gym kit before a lock-down.

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