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Perfect makeup is really something to consider before any event where you are the center of attention. There’s no rule that says you have to look a specific way on your wedding day, you are not mandated to contour, bronze and wear fake lashes longer than a baby deer just because you’re getting married. Your bridal makeup should be you at your very best,  whatever that entails.  If you don’t feel like yourself without red lipstick,  wear your favorite shade. If you live for a very minimalist look, work it.  Don’t feel pressured to bow to beauty trends just because you’re getting married! Here are wedding day makeup tips you should consider.Don’t miss on these:Amazing Black dress Makeup tips5 Makeup Tips Every Woman should knowDermatologistRecommended Routine for Dry Skin5 Makeup Mistakes You Didn’t Know You Were Making untill nowMust Have Makeup Brushes in Your Makeup BagHow To Use A Beauty Blender the right way?Vitamin E Benefits for Hair, Skin and Health

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