Recommends a great Aesthetics doctor

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Excellent doctor for aesthetics that really takes care to do a natural look - recommend him - Dr Lee Mun Heng at Cambridge Medical Group in Ngee Ann City

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Emir 1416313892

Is he expensive?

annief-17672 1416493215

Aorund $650 - think that's about the standard rate

Hayley Kristine 1425178170

Is this doctor register? How to check? I have many eye surgery want to do.i want take away eye bag and than cut my eye. I call the shop they say dr lee cannot do surgery. Last time can. Now cannot. I don't know. My English no good. The girl talk me english also no good and very rude.?Maybe I understand wrong. Any body here know dr lee  can do eye or cannot? And good or not. I want my eye look good before birtday

Admin 1425217241

most of the recommendations here are good

weena 1425387184

Hi, I highly recommend Dr. Benjamin Yim. He is discreet and highly professional.

cainestim 1430080820

There is a Scottish dentist called Dr Biju Krishnan who does a lot of aesthetics...should give him a try perhaps ? He's the founder of CFast and apparently has treated even Helena Christensen:)

He works at Nuffield Dental clinics



Admin-17548 1430147420

Perhaps you can go over the Aesthetics, Surgery & Cosmetic Treatments for more options. 

Greg-Bjorg-967921 1597770954

Para aumentar la potencia, me parece que necesita cambiar el estilo de vida completo y, por supuesto, tomar medicamentos para , la única forma en que tienes la oportunidad de recuperarte finalmente.

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