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I have contracted Interswift moving and storage Singapore to ship all my items of 93 boxes to Netherlands from Singapore.After I paid they have very bad service. They did not tell me when my goods are shipped and no communitation. My items are ship from Singapore to U.K. Which is unknown to me. As in my contract its from Singapore direct to Rotterdam. Now it's port is in U.K and they put in their agent wareshouse wich is Simpsons Removals & Storage Ltd Blue Hawk House, A1 Manor Way Business Park, Manor Way, Swanscombe, Kent, DA10 0PP. They leave all my items in their storage for more than 6 months before delivering it to me. They have the worst service as they did not count any of the boxes delivered to me. I have 6 boxes missing and they claims that everything have been delivered but have no proof of any delivering documents. I contacted Interswift Singapore regards to this matter and they did not investigate right and even put words in my mouth. They told the insurance company that I claim that I have receievd all 93 boxes but claimed that 6 boxes were missing.Arvin G. Mansukhani the Business Development Manager make the claims for me. I have all the emails and delivery documents to proof that I did not say I receieved all the 93 boxes.This cmpany Arvin will lie to te insurance company so that all your loss items cannot be claim bak from insurance. This is how this company works. Once you signed the contract and pay them . They will give you the worst nighmare. Beware! use oher companies. 

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You poor thing. Is the insurance company refusing to help? Have you checked that the removal company actually took out the insurance. As long as you didnt sign anything to say you had recieved everything you should be in a position to clain - look also to the small claims court in the UK as this is inexpensive and easy to use

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Next time you can choose from among the list of international movers in Movers, Removals & Global International Relocation.

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They did not even give me the insurance company name or address. Arvin G. Mansukhani so called manager did not reply my email at all. When I took this matter up to him he took 3 months before he said he contacted the insurance agent but after  never heard back from him. Keep sending him email but he did not reply at all. This is how irresponsible this company is. They keep lying once you pay them for their service.

I have all the documents that I did not recieved all the items. 

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Thanks Admin. I will advise all my friends and everyone who want to use movers not to use this company. I notice that they have lots of complains from all their customers. 

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Interswift (who currently have a basic listing on the Angloinfo directory) have been informed about this complaint on this thread and invited to add their comments or indeed resolve the issue. 

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Recently they have offered to pay only half of my lost claim items as they said the other half should be paid by the agent they contracted to deliver my items. Half of the amount I cannot even buy back my SLR cameras and the lens. I agreed But they have been delaying the claims payments to me. This is how unreliable they are. I won't never trust them again.

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