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would anyone be interested in sharing life as ex pats we live in Brittany,wonderful place to live,don't lock our doors the Bretagns great people,how do you rate Singapore?I have always wanted to visite there,but now on a pension the least I can do is comunicate with someone who lives there,let's hear from you regards Maggie Boudinmags

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Suprisingly you don't need to lock doors here either..the police however are always enforcing the message low crime doesn't mean no crime. People are great, food a national passion (not disimilar to France in that respect) however it is a city state with 4.6 million people living on an island the size of the Isle of white, so busy but because its a tropical climate its also very green. We also have a house in France but in the South, that's how we first discovered angloinfo.

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