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just back from bali for a holiday.. i have a good bali driver and tour guide, his name is KRISHNA he is a humble and patience driver , he is very helpful he help me before and during the trip , he has a good driving skill, and good knowledge in tourism because he learned a tourism hospitality management before ...and a friendliest guy that i ever met , i can guarantee in 5 minutes he can be your best friend his price is very cheap than others only 35 USD for the whole day trip his site : http://balitourdrivers.webs.comemail : krishna.bali.driver@gmail.com

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jennifer-17581 1347702657

Really useful as going there soon - but not too friendly I hope - cant bear over familiar! How many days did you use him? Thanks

bable 1391695272

I recommend Gp Bali Tour is the best tour guide company in Bali. Gede speaks excellent English, is a safe and courteous driver and he is very knowledgeable about Balinese culture. Made is very friendly and willing to accommodate any requests efficiently and with a smile



anilpavan 1404932629

Been to Bali with Family for 6 Days.. It was an amazing trip with family.. Very nice place and huble people all around Bali... Contacted Ketut before my arrival to Bali for travel arrangements. He is very professional and nice person. If you are travelling with family including kids prefer Ketut he understands english well and can provide trusted service. 

He was our tour guide and Driver for most of my trip. 

Ketut Pica bali private tour guide and driver ,
email : picaketut@hotmail.com ,mobile : +6285205506104 . whatsApp +6287761627714 and facebook : www.facebook.com/picaketut.

dan1717-34471 1404998780

Does he talk a lot when he drives?

mahsajooon 1405003215

We had an excellent time in bali Nov 2013 and would not have been the same without our gracious ,friendly  and accommodating ,KETUT.

He was very kind and flexible ,helpful . his  English was very good and his car was very comfortable.

We book a two day tour of the environs outside of ubud and temple around .friendly, with a great sense of humour and above all a safe driver

Thanks ketut for making our holiday an experience we will never forget.

  picaketut@hotmail.com ,mobile : +6285205506104 . whatsApp +6287761627714 and facebook : www.facebook.com/picaketut

dan1717-34471 1405093306

Seems to me this Ketut guy is used to driving for expats visiting Bali. I will get in touch with him. Thank you for sharing this.

Happysingapore 1405520725

I would like to recommend this driver in Bali,Ketut Pica bali private tour guide and driver ,email  : picaketut@hotmail.com ,mobile : +6285205506104 . whatsApp +6287761627714 and facebook : www.facebook.com/picaketut
Ketut is a very nice man, he is patient & approachable.He makes effort to communicate with me through the whatsAppt the night before on the location that we are going to & he is always on time.He will recommend nice places for us to visit or nice places to eat.We enjoyed very much during the stay in Bali!!


xfdrake 1416077617


 Anyone of you looking for a good trustworthy tour driver, you've come to the right place.

I'm sure there's a lot of good reviews for other tour guides however I would like to recommend my good friend Putu from Bali.

My friends and I (group of 5) booked Putu for  two days and it has been a great trip going around Bali with him, he's very knowledgeable with the culture and knows his way around the area during high traffic. He'll take care of you like his own family and he's a very cautious driver.

Putu will bring you to those places that you want to go instead of bringing you to places that has "commissioned based" activities. He's been very kind and patience with us along the journey which makes our trip even more delightful.

His daily rates are reasonable, hope this review will give you a wonderful tour in Bali.


You may contact Putu via WA or mail directly putulencong@yahoo.com / www.facebook.com/putulenconghere / +6282144834914

chantal-17616 1416130496

Really useful - thanks will look him up as going there for Christmas - fingers crossed it won't be too wet!

a.sukash 1419256155

I was in Bali for our 1st time with my fiance last month and we had a good time, because we have only short holiday we try to settle all our schedule before we come over and  friends recommeded us to find a local Bali Tour company down the strait in Kuta area. When we reach there we are bit confuse because is not like what we thingking and we decided to use MBA Bali tours to organize all our trip in the end we have memoriable holiday and they have professional service.


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