Our relationship has fallen into disrepair.

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How to wake up old relationships and give them a breath of fresh air?

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Personally, I tried to diversify my sex life with something unusual. We made love on the street, in the park, tried to watch videos (like that seksi.xyz) and you know, over time it helped. Do not hope that everything will go quickly. If you really want to keep your relationship going, be patient and give it a try.

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Yes, I thought about it. But I'm not sure if this will help. There is a much safer option. For example, go to a family psychologist.

Little-Nightmare-984752 1613733491

If finances and time allow you to go to a family psychologist, I think the answer is obvious, that you need to go first. But if it doesn't come to that for whatever reason, you can try my way.

Anasteisha-Buckovsky-984750 1613734740

Yeahm firstly I'll go to psychologist after that I'll try your variant.

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