UK thrashes Australia in the Olympics

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Brilliant to see the UK beating the Aussies hands down in sports medals. I am glued to the screen.

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Shout 1219510296

rather enjoyable!

Shout 1219516560

Russia now 3rd, Uk fourth :( any chance to get back to 3rd..what time the last game?

CK-17749 1219562002

Anyone know what time the closing ceremony starts?


Jennifer 1219563880

The closing ceremony is at 20:00 live on Channel 5, ChU and Ch602. Enjoy!


CK-17749 1219607541

The USA winning more medals (110) than China (100), but China has won the overall battle by virtue of winning more golds.

The biggest bonus (to us Brits) of the 2008 Olympics was the United Kingdom, finishing fourth - only just behind Russia - with 19 gold medals and 47 overall. Leapt from 10th in 2004 at Athens and now setting themselves up to be in the top three in 2012.


jay-20367 1219648053

I suppose you poms have to beat us at something every now and again.

Well done to the UK.

JS-18761 1219677071

I am happy to see Britain finish 4th on the medal tally. However, as a kiwi who lived the last 10 years in Australia I was not aware that the Olympics was on the competitive sledging agenda between Australia and Britain until now.

Check out this article -

I don't remember seeing any "We beat the Brits again" posters, banners or articles since I lived there. England should be proud that they achieved this but think they need to calm down with the comparison to Australia, don't forget there is a rather large population difference as well.

Besides, I was more pleased that China pipped the USA to the top of the table for a change.


daktari 1219681445

While Team GB did well and should be congratulated, it seems unnecessary to indulge in shadenfreude as a result.

The Aussies did well, too - congratulations to them.

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