started by: Lovie Lutz · last update: 1497888038 · posted: 1495207883

Hi, I am currently crashing at a friend's place and I am looking for a condo or apartment that's dog friendly. I'm hoping I could fine one in the CBD area. I'd appreciate if you could share your suggestions. Thanks.

started by: Ellie · last update: 1494994949 · posted: 1494944394

We spotted a family of otters in Marina Bay today!

started by: Hannah · last update: 1493167151 · posted: 1491374615

Our dog groomer is leaving Singapore for good. Do you have any suggestions? Thank you.

started by: candygirl · last update: 1484549698 · posted: 1483667578

We are looking for dogs available for adoption. Where can we go? How easy or difficult is it?

started by: strange1 · last update: 1474464071 · posted: 1461146605

What's the easiest way to remove dog hair from my couch?

started by: Llamb · last update: 1473050447 · posted: 1472614132

Hello, I am looking at a dog boarding with a homey environment. We are going away for a month towards the end of the year and we need a place to stay for my daughter's dog. We don't want a boarding with cages, we want the dog to be free to run and play. Thank you.

started by: JennaP-10051382 · last update: 1466655894 · posted: 1441719869

Hi all. Just moved in and looking to start a brand new life here. Qick question though: how dog-friendly is Singapore? I am thinking of adopting a pooch soon. Thanks. - Jenna

started by: strange1 · last update: 1458007117 · posted: 1456753095

My son wants a German Shepherd, where is the best place to buy? Or is it better to adopt? Thanks.

started by: Cute Lim · last update: 1457512032 · posted: 1454407031

I had a 11 years old pomerian who just diagnosed with diabetes. Looking for friends who dog having the same medical issue to discuss with. Thank you.

started by: TheMD · last update: 1454496336 · posted: 1453996696

A friend is seeking a companion and would like to adopt a pooch. Has anyone got a dog up for adoption?

started by: BritGent-10065182 · last update: 1453730626 · posted: 1453222939

Has anyone ever tried and had luck in importing a pure breed  that is listed on Singapore's banned breeds of dogs?

started by: romeryx · last update: 1445891103 · posted: 1444401198

OMG! I cannot believe that some dogs in Korea have undergone plastic surgery to suit the owner's tastes. My goodness! http://kotaku.com/in-south-korea-dogs-are-getting-plastic-surgery-1721711793  

started by: Llamb-37321 · last update: 1441460363 · posted: 1441201538

My son decided to take a year off to travel to Europ and we were all worried about how he could bring his dog. We are thankful we found CWM Cadno Pet Services for making it hassle free for my son. They arranged al the necessary papers, transportation, quarantine and even provided vet services.  Thank you for going the extra mile for my son's dog. You are highly recommended. 

started by: ginnyp · last update: 1441100228 · posted: 1440232765

2 small birds are building a nest in our bamboo. Would love to know what they are - don't think the are sparrows as one has a dark head although both are brownish, any ideas?

started by: strange1 · last update: 1440785283 · posted: 1439559691

There's a cat that comes to our home and my son likes to pet the cat. Is it safe to pet stray cats in Singapore or are they known to carry infestious diseases?

started by: qtox · last update: 1439549072 · posted: 1419079638

Has anybody tried any of the cat cafe? Do you have to have a cat to  visit?

started by: chantal-17616 · last update: 1436354246 · posted: 1436122843

just back from a 4 week trip and our beautiful cat is looking terrible, her fur is dull and thin - our helper says she is fine but tonight  she seems very poorly, so much so we need to take her to a vet - any recommendations - I will take her tomorrow

started by: sarahj-17608 · last update: 1433096870 · posted: 1432463138

I have a cat who is super sensitive. The last vet said she wasnt comfortable seeing her again unless I sedated her - any suggestions, as feel that is too extreme.

started by: weena · last update: 1432655421 · posted: 1374227187

I heard so much about the dog farm in Pasir Ris. Are the dogs there healthy? I'm asking because I went to some pet shops and the dogs look like a supermodel waif to me. 

started by: ola-38047 · last update: 1432645244 · posted: 1417018338

I tried out the pet salon at the new pet hotel The Wagington to indulge our pooch and she loved it. It's like the Waldorf Astoria of all pet hotels. Seriously if you want to indulge your pet, bring them to this one.

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