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cheerioO 1275496932

Hi Rosebud,

If you're staying longterm in Singapore and plan to take the dog with you when you leave, you might want to consider adopting from an animal shelter like the SPCA (62875355) or the Animal Lover's League. The SPCA has many pedigree breeds to choose from and you can pop by the pound on any day (except thursday) to have a look for yourself. You should be able to interact with the dogs themselves and feel free to approach the keepers if you have any questions! :) Of course, they have non-purebreds that are just as deserving and in need of a loving and permanent home and you might want to consider these as well! Many of the breeders and petshops here do not practise responsible animal care (in terms of breeding practices, housing, sanitation, parasite prevention, vaccination schedules, contracts etc) and you should be very careful should you choose to deal with them. I would advise against it.

Pet adoption/purchase is a serious decision that could possibly involve 15-20 years of animal care and it is very traumatising for the pet if the owner leaves and decides to leave it behind or put it up for adoption (again). If you're not sure how long you're going to be here or you're not staying for very long, you might want to hold off on getting a pet first till things settle a little. There are many other things to do in Singapore and many different social/special interest groups that may appeal to you, and also volunteer opportunities available. These and having new friends may better help you to fill in time, along with being a lot less work! :) All the best.

rosebud-35943 1275500416

Hi CheerioO,

Thanks for pointing that out. Caring for an animal is a long term commitment. Although, for sure, I will be staying in Singapore for a long time, I'd have to rethink my reason for getting a dog. I have to be committed to it 100%.

grandmm 1275552759

If you're still open to getting a dog, this weekend, dogs rescued by Action for
Singapore Dogs will be opened for adoption. You may check out their website for

cin-47874 1278444018

i have male 1 year old golden retriver ..peepee toilet..seat down..go alway.. I given alway because currenly the private house i rent owner want it back..so now i have to move back to my own HDB ..so sad i cannot take him there..

banana-49496 1279278426

if you are interested in adopting the yorkie puppies please contact me via bananachick@live.com

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