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Is there a place where we can find cats that are up for adoption?

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cheerioO 1276562642

hi llamb,

you can try the spca (62875355/ they have a cattery where you can interact with the cats and ask questions (of the humans! :P); they also have a separate nursery for kittens. you can also try other shelters- , the animal lovers league ( or the cat welfare society ( they have screening procedures in place but all have residents in dire need of a loving, stable and permanent home. good luck!

Llamb-37321 1276682917

thank you for being so generous with your suggestions. we are in the last stages of moving to singapore so i'm trying to prepare everything for my family. it was a sad day for us when we gave our cat a new home. looking forward to finding one that is perfect for our little family. cheers!

cheerioO 1276719082

hi llamb,

every single animal that arrives at the animal shelter has already been through a lot- abandonment, abuse, neglect. this is true for most shelters throughout the world. all my (many!) cats are rescued animals- from starvation, illness, dog attacks, severe cat fight injuries, beatings and repeated abuse from people- and my shelter dog was given up because her owner found her too "expensive" to upkeep (which is rubbish because i groom her myself and she doesn't give a hoot what she looks like! neither do i, actually). but she spent her months at the shelter hiding under her bed, refusing to interact with anyone and she had a hard time being adopted because she became very fearful and would sometimes snap.

as i said, all shelter animals have already been through some ordeal. it is hoped that with every adoption, that they would find a loving family that intends to keep it and care for it the rest of its life. many families who move adopt pets because it fits into their ideal of having a "complete" family while they are abroad but when they have to move again, they leave the "family pet" behind. i hope this is not the intention as you mentioned giving your cat a new home. i'm sure it was a sad day for your cat as well.

i understand that sometimes, "things happen"- like a new job posting, new baby, new house, new country. but if you know what your long term plans are and that a pet isn't a practical part of that or if you're not sure if you can commit to it longterm, then some doors are best left unopened. that would be the best and most responsible thing to do for any animal- especially one that has already been through enough.

take care, take your time and all the best with your move.

Annabel-17685 1277109863

Are the cats in Singapore? I would consider taking them.

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