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I introduced a new kitten the household about 3 months ago. We already had a cat and she didn't take to the new addition at all. After 3 months they are getting on ok but every now and then the original cat starts hissing, growling and slapping me and the new cat. There is no attempt to hurt the kitten or me but she just suddenly has a change in personality. I'm wondering if I should take her to see a vet or a animal therapist (weird i know). Do animal therapists exist in Singapore. I'm sure she just need something to calm her down.

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I don't think you need to see an animal therapist. Your cat is still in an adjustment phase which could take a very long time especially if she was the only cat for quite some time. I think it is a could sign that all will be ok if she doesn't attack and injure the new cat. But if it would make you feel better take her to your vet if you have one and see what they say.

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