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My 7 month old dog has come down with bleeding gums. Vet said it could be something she ate or chewed, like plants or whatever in the garden. She is al little quieter than usual but still quite happy, although eating is obviously no fun. she usually hoovers her food down but now eats quite gingerly. Anyone have any experience with this kind of thing? Jojo

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Tim-17610 1161080314

I had a similar thing with my lab. He likes to chew things and we suspect he chewed on some plants or something with pesticide on it. Lad was also salivating a lot and drooling. The doctor did all sorts of tests and they were all within the normal range. However he was put on 2 kinds of antibiotics and it got better. Worth a try?


Annemarie-17634 1161123967

I think it must have been something the dog chewed. Mine had a very similar problem and vet tested blood and urine but couldn't find anything off. Then on antibiotics for a week and much improved after that. I went to Animal Recovery Clinic in Greenwood and the vet there was really nice. He even rang 2 days after I'd been to see him with the dog to ask how she was doing!


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