Cat not eating

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My 2 year old cat has suddenly started to refuse to eat. He seems ok within himself but just won't eat. Any ideas on how to get him to eat?

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AnnieS-20442 1267001897

I'd take your cat to the vet to get checked out and to rule out any medical issues to be on the safe side.

hopeful-27478 1267102058

Thanks Annies, I took him to the vet this morning as he is still refusing to eat. After blood tests and xrays they have ruled out a medical issue and said it may be stress. He is now on appetite stimulants for 2 days. If he is still not eating I have to take him back.

Hana-20381 1267184582

Definitely could be stress

clairedelune 1267451469

I had a cat that lived to 21, at times, in her last year she had difficulty eating. I would make broth for her - boil some chicken or fish, preferably fatty bits with skin and bone, and wait for it to cool. No salt. Don't give milk.

hopeful-27478 1267547389

Thanks for the replies. All of a sudden he has started eating again today. I'm very relieved but still not 100% sure why he stopped in the first place.

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