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I have a cat, about 3 years old. She is a very strange one. She likes to be stroked, but she will sometimes turn and spit wildly for no apparent reason. She is multiple personality- one moment she's sweet and lovable, the next she's nasty and hissing and attacking peoples ankles. Her mother was a street cat, a stray, possibly wild. The vet won't touch her unless we can sedate her before she arrives. Any suggestions on how to change her behaviour or will it always be like this?

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Goldie-17674 1171311590

Hi Jennifer,

Hmm, have never heard of a vet that would not touch your cat unless it was sedated first.....and I was a vet nurse. We saw the wildess of wild, feral cats bought in in a trapping cage, loving pet cats that turned into hissing, spitting, growling (yep, cats can growl too) manic creatures and never once did we turn away one and suggest it should be sedated before coming to the clinic. A towel, and the nounce to deal with the wildess of wild......

Firstly I would suggest you change your vet.

Secondly I would suggest that when your cat is being cute have a ready supply of cat biscuits around the house so wherever you are you can reward your cat. Also have a ready supply of spray bottles with water in them so that when your cat has a turn you can reach for it and spray the body with a water jet.

Animals soon get the hang of, being nice = rewards. Being horrible = being sprayed.

Good luck

jennifer-17581 1171381211

Thanks for your comments...I felt terrible after that last visit to the vet...she said they had already marked her down as difficult to handle but after this last visit I got the distinct impression they would prefer to take my cat elsewhere...this was the vet at Namely.

Thats a clever trick about the water and the treats ...I'll try it and let you know if a while if it works!

Toni-18020 1173719515

Have you ever tried Reiki on your cat, this can really help them to calm down and be more at ease with themselves.

jennifer-17581 1173720688

Can't say I have...but its a thought. The water trick and reward seems to be working though plus we have a new maid and she and the cat are getting on famously...think our last maid was not fond of cats which didn't help.

bonita 1278543988

Yes, I seem to have adr. Jekly and nr. hyde going on sometimes, you mentioned namely vets, I wasnt too impressed with the reception there and have changed vets already

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