Cats de clawing

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We moved to an apartment and took our cat with us...she started ripping things to shreds so we tried to cut her claws, but found we needed emmergency treatment for all the bites and we took her to the vet who couldn't cut her the end a friend suggested declawing her...we did, a great success...however now I find out that it is an illegal practise in UK and many people are very against it. To be honest it was either the cat went or her claws. Any more comments on this

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Jane-17633 1158844434

I think that its very sad that you had to do this. It also means that your cat can never defend itself if it ever goes outside.

Jojo-17568 1158850549

Excellent idea. Some cats are just not people 'persons'  and will swipe anybody and anything in their path, just for fun. Don't worry too much about her/him not being able to defend itself. I once had some American friends who'd brought their de-clawed cat from the US where it had been an indoor cat. Once here in a house the cat went outside often. It once met with a dog (mine actually) who was a little too inquisitive and this cat dealt some serious blows to my pooch! My dog was a local rescue dog and no pussy (no pun intended). Anyway, just to reassure you, your cat will probably compensate and develop a fairly leathal left hook!


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