cats in hdb flats

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I have heard that cats are not usually allowed to be kept in HDB apartments. Is this true? If so, why is this the case?

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HDB's priority is to preserve a pleasant living environment and neighbourliness among the residents in our high-rise, high-density public housing estates. It has to consider the different sentiments of HDB residents in setting its policies and rules.

HDB allows one dog of an approved breed to be kept in an HDB flat. The approved breeds of dogs are the smaller dogs which are generally more manageable.

Cats are not allowed to be kept in HDB flats as they are nomadic in nature and are difficult to be confined within the flats. Due to the nomadic nature of cats, the nuisances caused by cats such as shedding of fur, defecating/urinating in public areas, noise disturbance etc would affect the environment and neighbourliness in our housing estates. In view of this, HDB has the policy of not allowing cats to be kept in HDB flats.

Other Pets
HDB allows flat owners to keep other pet animals such as fish, hamsters, rabbits, birds, etc which generally do not cause nuisance to the neighbouring residents.

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Heres a link that lists the dogs allowed in HDB's

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Seems v harsh. Is this a new rule?

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I have several friends with cats at their HDB..maybe they have to keep them hidden.

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i agree with Pan, this seems very harsh. I believe cats are much cleaner than dogs and it doesn't take much effort to keep them indoors. Very strange rule

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