Do Maltese Dogs Shed Very Little Hair?

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Mr. W



Is it true that Maltese dogs are low-shedding dogs? It's been a long time since we owned a dog because of my daughter's asthma. I want to get a new one for my girl that sheds very little hair if none at all.

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Admin 1282042361

Yes Maltese dogs are low-shedding dogs and most of the small breeds. Your daughter's asthma is not actually caused by dog's hair. Your daughter is reacting to dog dander or dead skin flakes. Maltese is a good breed for your daughter because small dogs shed less hair and it is thought that dogs that shed less hair produce less dander. To be sure, look for a breeder of Maltese and arrange for your daughter to spend time with the dog and observe. But don't forget to bring her meds ok?! I hope this helps.

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