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I know some people in the neighbourhood have imported a pup from Australia. Apparently they don't have to go into quarantine. We could be interested in doing the same, could anyone advise if there is a site or somewhere that lists reputable Aussie dog breeders?

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Topcat-21086 1217243866

That is correct. Animals that are imported from Australia, New Zealand or the UK do not have to do Quarantine in Singapore. Do you have a particular breed in mind?

Doc-17845 1217279671

A lab or a schnauzer. You know any breeders?

Lauren-20076 1217319034

It may be beneficial for you to read the INFOpage Pet Travel and Moving with Animals to Singapore. It outlines what you need to do to import a pet into Singapore. Good luck if you decide to go down this path.


Topcat-21086 1217517739

Doc, i've just been playing around on net and came across this website. It describes each breed and then has a list of breeders at the bottom for each breed of dog. Check it out.
Let me know if you decide to get one. TC

Doc-17845 1217614127

Thanks, I'd been doing some surfing myself and have found a couple of breeders I think I'd buy from. Let's hope they'll agree to sell to someone in Singapore...

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