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I'm going away for a couple of weeks and want to leave my dog here. I do not have a full time maid. Any ideas for a good doggie holiday? Thanks

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Robert-17844 1216570810

I saw a place at Turf city, they take dogs for a day but also for a holiday. The good thing there is that the animals are not locked up in a kennel most of the day but get to run around with the other dogs.


Lex-20113 1216631653

I think the one Robert is talking about is called K9 Kulture on Turf City Road. It is primarily a doggy day care centre but they do have overnight stays as well. There are no kennels, the dogs roam freely in different enclosures. Even at night time they are all in together. I think your dog will have to spend about 4 different full days there before he does an overnight stay to see how he interacts with other dogs.

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