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Not sure what is happening to my dog. He is toilet trained but since yesterday he has been peeing everywhere. What could be wrong with him? i did leave him in a dog boarding last weekend because i was out of town. this is the first time it happened after a weekend that i was away from him. This stresses me out. Any thoughts?

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Llamb-37321 1363274980

Maybe just a simple case of separation anxiety.

Stuart-34306 1363350555

You haven't have to go back to the dog boarding and investigate. something could have happened there that triggered her peeing everywhere in your house.

unicorn-58030 1363363823

Hmmmm...How can I investigate when my dog cannot talk? How can I talk to the dog boarding without sounding as if I am accusing them of doing something? Tricky. Any tips?

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A dog needs a regular routine. When a dog is housed elsewhere and the routine is disrupted, the dog can be confused. Give your dog more frequent opportunities to relieve himself. Have a  regular schedule of feeding. Take the dog outdoors.

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