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I have a pup of almost 8 months old and it is time for some serious training. Where can I go and train with him so we both learn some good habits? Don't really want to hand it to someone else entirely. Ludo

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Goldie-17674 1159890120

Hi Ludo, We used Angie Tan. She was fantastic with our 4 golden Retrievers. She came to our house as it was easier for me, but I know they have training classes. Her method is reward based which is a very powerful encouragement for your dog. Her web site is 

Please steer clear of the choke chain trainers.

Ludo-17653 1159890436

Thank you for that, I'll try her soon. Funny to hear you have 4 Goldens, so have we! 2 boys and 2 girls. Aren't they just the best dogs! 


Jennifer 1159900813

Thanks Goldie, we have added this dog training business to our AngloFILE so people can find it easily. Are there any other dog trainers that anyone can recommend? 

Goldie-17674 1159906175

Hi Ludo, Yes, they are great dogs!

Lynn, I'm glad that Puppylove has been added to your site, Angie and her team are brilliant.


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