Dog walking on Beaches

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Can anyone tell me if there are certain regulation for talking dogs on any of the beach areas in Singapore.

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Harriet Gough 1159135632

You can take them on any beach but are supposed to pick up after them and have them on the lead at all times....


Caren-17639 1159191557

I was at the East Coast once a couple of years ago. Walked a long way from the car park, to a stretch of beach as far away from people and activities as I could. I let the dogs off the lead (Oops!..) and we all had a swim. Then one lady came up to me and told me it was irresponsible of me to let my dogs swim there. They polluted the sea and now she wouldn't be able to go for a swim in it!

The beach at that time was quite filthy with all the garbage from the ships, the stuff people left behind and quite a bit of oil. But... she was worried about the dogs. So unclean lah!

Basically the police on patrol will often turn a 'blind' eye as long as you are away from the crowds and they haven't had any complaints. Only once has a copper asked me to leash the dogs. I haven't been fined for wandering dogs yet, but it may well be in my future... Touch wood!



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