Dogs need homes urgently

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I have been asked to post this on behalf of JulieHello All, Link To PicturesAbove is the link to photos I took yesterday of dogs at the site of an animal rescue... the dogs are all now in a holding centre in PasirRis.**Please know that I am not affiliated with any organization. I was simply alerted by a friend that several dogs were in trouble, and so my husband and I went to help out.SEVENTY EIGHT dogs were rescued from an abandoned puppy mill, and theyare all in need of fostering and/or adoption. Apparently the "breeder" decided that he no longer wanted his business, and simply left. From what I understand, concerned neighbors discovered the dogs and contacted friends who organized a relief effort. Most are small dogs, but there are many labs and golden retrievers, which are apparently harder to place in Singapore given the HDB rules. They arein sad shape, but not grave shape at the moment. Most have sores and bites, and most are malnourished-- but nothing a bit of TLC couldn't fix. I could not get over how sweet they ALL were, despite how they've been treated. Many of the females had been made to be mothers several times over, and thus were timid and afraid of being leashed, which broke our hearts. But honestly, what we couldn't get over was just how much ALL of the dogs just wanted to be hugged and held.PLEASE pass this along-- these dogs really need us. Also, anyone interested in volunteering-- there is plenty to do... mainly just cuddling and walking! I was really reticent to go b/c I thought I couldn't handle how sad it would be... but frankly, even though it wastough to see, I felt that I had done some good.The main contact is a man named Derrick-- he can be reached at 9622 3027. And of course, feel free to contact me, Julie at 9649 4666 for moreinformation.I had heard of puppy mills, but had NO idea what humans could putthese dogs through until I saw with my own eyes yesterday.

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I can't believe a breeder can abandon his dogs! It's been a week since I lost all my golden retriever pups because of some viral infection and it still breaks my heart every time I think about it. How can a sane person abandon all these dogs???

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