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I have a nearly 6 month old lab and noticed his testicles aren't in the right place. Instead of in the scrotum they seem stuck higher up in his lower tummy area. Is this normal? Should I take him to the vet? Caren

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mike-17549 1159141424

It's not normal, although that doesn't mean there's necessarily anything wrong (some dogs' testicles don't descend until six months or so, but it's pretty uncommon).

I think you should go and see your vet, for peace of mind if nothign else. If there is something wrong (such as cryptochidism) then you really want to know about it. As with pretty much any health issue, it'll be easier to deal with the earlier it's detected.


Caren-17639 1159183757

Thank you for that Mike. I guess it's off to the vet for poor little Fred...!


Caren-17639 1159209107

Mike, On the off chance that you'll know something about this, I think his testicles moved down into the scrotum and up again. Unless I'm losing it... Have you heard of this. Maybe I should wait a few more days and see if they'll move down again and stay where they should. Although I'll obviously not breed him now. Shame that, as he is so handsome!


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