Help find Ginger..

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hwee ling



Help find Ginger.. Our dog, a female Labrador by the name of Ginger is missing. Ginger is very special to us. If you have seen her, please contact us immediately. Some ways to identify her.. Microchip: 702055550005189, License: D207406P She is afraid of the vet. She struggles to "escape" when ever we bring her to any pet clinic. She has a distinct mark on her tongue, which is a slight tear on the left side (she bite it accidentally when she was young.) She's petite, obedienced-trained and loves to play tug and fetch.. We can be contacted at 93899896 (Hweeling) and 91062928 (Simon) We are offering a S$5000 reward for information leading to Ginger's safe return. No questions asked.

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jennifer-17581 1262426410

How very sad for you, she looks lovely. Will ask around. How long has she been missing?

hwee ling 1262474062

hi jennifer.. thanks for helping.. it's been a year. we are still worried and missing her very much, so we want to keep trying.. hweeling

Lex-20113 1262513687

Which area did she go missing from?

hwee ling 1262563722

hi lex.. she could be anywhere. we heard from people who has lost their dogs and found them later, that their dogs end up in other side of singapore.. ginger is friendly and is very used to travelling in a car.. in any case, she ran out of house in east coast. appreciate if you could help keep a lookout.. she is microchipped, licensed, and we have reported to spca, ava and the police. we would not mind dropping by to verify, if you have seen any similar dog. hweeling..

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