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Hello ~I just recently moved here to the Holland Village area. I have (2) female Mini Dachshund Smooths. My husband wants to book a trip to Thailand in a couple months for a week excursion. However, he won't do it, until we find a REPUTABLE & RELIABLE dog boarding facility. And, I definitely agree. All we are trying to do is find a service that can take care of our girls, make sure they are fed, walked, cared for, and are not neglected or abused. We don't want to take chances with our babies. We would like to find someone that has had a good experience with dog boarding/kenneling service. We just don't know where to go or who to trust. And, we prefer for them to be kenneled together, not to be walking around the facility like a baby-sitting type service. We also don't want in-home care. We are also looking into a Doggy Day Care Service also, in case I need to visit home and he has to work and care for our girls by himself without me.These are some of the following we are looking at:Rected KennelsWoofwalkiesK9 Boarding & Camp (Turf City)Mutts & MittensBest Pet ServicesDog Story Daycare (Day Care Only)Is there anyone here who has some experience and can recommend a facility to us please?We love Singapore, but we would like to see some more of Asia, while we are here. But we don't want to put our babies at risk. Any suggestions, would be greatly appreciated. Please help us... I am anxiously awaiting your replies.

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Jennifer 1267553260

Have you also checked out the ones listed under Pet Travel & Kennels

anniewalt 1267736700

Hi, we use Sandy at the Pet Concierge. Wonderful, caring and super safe. We have been sending our 3 yr old Cavoodle(Bindii) there for over a year now, both for holidays and for doggy day care one day per week. They are a home based business and he is very very experienced. I heartily recommend The Pet Concierge as we have a very emotional little girl and he knows exactly how to care for her and she just loves going there. I even receive and email or sms telling me how she is going while I am away. Check out his website for further info before you make up your mind. You will also find that Sandy is very well know around the animal industry. Good luck.

Tonihil 1267775816

Thank you, Annie

I will look into that. I visited their website and found that they don't do kennels (as we know it). They do individual playpens. I am pretty open-minded. So, I guess I will need to check that out.

If the dogs are out in the open for them to run and play with others; do they separate them by size? Mine are pretty small and I worry about some of the bigger furr-babies playing too rough with them. One of mine has a bad disc problem in her back. So, she could be playing with a bigger dog and hurt herself. Also, my other one is extremely nervous around other dogs no matter what size they are. So, I think keeping them separated from the others would be best.

I guess we should just go consult with Sandy and see how he would handle the situation.

I extremely appreciate your recommendation.

Have a great day!

LISBROWN 1267901771


We really struggled when we arrived here as we brought our very lively springer spaniel from the UK. We used one service that was ok who came to the house (shall not mention name) but we werent that happy. In the end we settled on K9 as our girl goes there for doggy day care.
She was well looked after when we left her there for a week in December and she will be paying them another visit ina few weeks time.

I throughly suggest you view all places and go off recomendations from others.
Hope this helps


anniewalt 1268842259

Hi Toni, glad you went to see Sandy. He tells me you went and looked at facility. My little girl is soooo scared of other dogs and Sandy takes so much care of her needs. This inturn enable her to socialise carefully with other dogs, bit by bit and with appropriate types.

We do not agree with "Kennels" and prefer her to be able to wander around in pen, this is when she is happiest and most secure.

Sandy and crew just treasure all living things so I am very sure he would give your babies exactly what they need. I hope it will work out for you as it has for me.

Bindii will be going there daily while I am away in oz/nz in May so she will have a ball.



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