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I have a cat who is super sensitive. The last vet said she wasnt comfortable seeing her again unless I sedated her - any suggestions, as feel that is too extreme.

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I send all my pets (2 cats, previously 2 bunnies who have passed on) to The Animal Doctors. They are very cat and small mammals (bunnies, guinea pig, hamster etc) friendly. They are amazing. I have tried other vets before and I like TAD's bedside manners. My cats' godparents send their cats there too. But they are very popular so it's highly recommended to make an appointment.


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You can go over the Vets & Veterinary Services list in AngloINFO.

Jane-17633 1433002638

Really useful thanks!

sarahj-17608 1433096870

Try Pets Avenue vet Clinic -   8 Empress Rd, 01-11

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