Moving to Singapore with a Golden Retriever

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Hello, I'm sorry for double posting, I see there is one similar a few days ago.  It looks like we may be moving to Singapore, but I need to know a little about relocating pets there before I make a firm decision. I have a three year old Golden Retriever. Are there any pet owners that can give some advice... Is it easy to rent an apartment that would allow dogs? Are there many expat pet owners that meet to socialise dogs? Are services like vets, groomers, dog sitters easily available? Do people generally have a good attitude towards dogs? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Whether or not we should bring our baby would help me decide whether I want to move or not.  Thanks so much!  

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Hi there, 

you can check online how to import personal pets into singapore. For golden retrievers should not be a problem. Make sure all the doc they need are ready then it would be fine.

if you are renting condo, landed properties, then most of the owners will accept dogs. Do check with the owner before you sign the lease, however. I would say its easy to find an apt allows doggies. We moved two times locally with my GR  and it is not a problem. I would advice if you are choosing condo do choose some with balconies or patios as it would be more open space for your GR. 

many expat or locals do keep pet dogs. take look at on Facebook, it has a GRC (golden retriever club) singapore. Lots of GR owners there to share happy stuff and info.

east coast park, west coast park, Sentosa beach, botanical park... Lots of parks have dog run so its easy to have your doggie to meet with friends. For me I like to walk my dog to the surroundings of our condo as it is a nice place and sees a lot of dogs here.

vet, groomers, dog cafe, swimming for rehabilitation, all available. Sitters are available to but the quality is an issue. Try to meet some dog owners nearby you and ask them to help when you are away is better.

if you can get a car when you are here then moving around with your GR iS easy. Taxver drivers are pretty much rejecting your dog and they will not serve you. But mind you to rent or to buy a car here in singapore very extremely expensive. If your company can cover it then it would be the best.

the weather can be very hot during the day, all year round. So walking or exercising your dog can cause heat strokes to them. Try avoid mid day walks or exercise then it will be fine.

wish you and you GR happy landing into singapore.

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