my tomcat harassing my cat!!!

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hi everyone, We have 6 cats. two boys and four girls. Since shifting to Singapore eight months back, one of my tomcat (3yrs old) has been harassing one of my cats (6 yrs old). He does not let her move around the house. She is so intimidated by him that when he comes too close to her, she ends up urinating and at times defecating wherever the ambush happens. I have tried talking to him. But to no avail. CAn someone pls tell how can we stop him from bossing her? 

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Admin 1370336607

You might want o consider hiring a cat whisperer. I am not too sure thought if there is one here.

Slodee 1370351242

Hi Redwine...thanks for the solution. Will try to find a whisperer if possible. Any other advise or suggestion are more than welcome. It's mentally disturbing and overwhelming for Tonie as well as us. 

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